Trees To Please is a tree nursery, garden center and Christmas tree farm located in central Maine

Greenhouse & Nursery

Maine Greenhouse & Nursery

Our greenhouse & nursery are now closed. Please visit our Choose & Cut page for details about the holiday season. Thank you for a fantastic fall season!! We are looking forward to seeing you in November and December!


What We Grow in the Spring

Here is a list of some of the annuals we grow for your gardening & design needs! We have all of the components you’ll need (fillers, spillers and thrillers) to create spectacular window boxes and planters! We have a large assortment of tall annuals to enhance your gardens and landscape. We proudly grow a wonderful selection of Proven Winners annuals.

  • marigolds, petunias, impatiens, geraniums, zinnias, cosmos, vinca, thunbergia
  • lobelia, lobularia, calibrachoa, sweet potato vine, snapdragons, canna
  • pansies, violas, dahlias, nasturtium, begonia, dianthus, celosia, salvia
  • angelonia, verbena, sunflower, argyranthemum, osteospermum, scaevola, bidens
  • grasses, foliage and vining plants such as coleus, dusty miller, vinca vine and ivy
  • and many more!
maine greenhouse and garden center

We grow our spring annuals in 3″ pots, 4″ pots, quarts, 6″ pots and 1 gallon pots. We also have 10″ and 12″ hanging baskets filled with an assortment of flowers to provide lots of color and interest to your porch, patio or landscape.

We create our own combination flower planters which are great for instant color on your patio, deck, dock or business. They make great housewarming, birthday, special occasion and hostess gifts too!

We have a large assortment of vegetable seedlings ready to get your garden started this spring. We grow herbs such as basil, rosemary, lavender, dill, cilantro, mint and more. We grow slicing tomatoes in one gallon containers for those who want to start off with larger plants in order to harvest tomatoes earlier in the summer.

In our nursery, we stock a large variety of fruit plants, shrubs and trees such as:

  • shrubs/bushes – lilac, spiraea, sand cherry, hydrangea, ninebark, willow, dogwood, azalea, forsythia, rhododendron, weigela, diervilla, magnolia, roses, climbing roses and climbing hydrangea, butterfly bushes, viburnum, summersweet, snowberry, serviceberry, smokebush, black chokeberry, winterberry. We stock a large supply of Proven Winners shrubs too!
  • fruit trees – apples, apricots (apricots not available 2023), cherries, peaches, pears, plums, crabapples – all of our fruit trees are 5 years and older and are 6ft-8ft (cherries are 4ft-5ft). All of our fruit trees and other nursery stock are planted in a nutrient-balanced grower’s mix. Many of our customers want to know when they will be able to harvest apples from their apple trees. With proper watering the first season, most of the varieties of apples that we grow will produce apples the year after they are planted (note that Macoun will take a few seasons before producing fruit).
  • fruit plants/brambles/bushes – blueberries, grapes, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, rhubarb, haskap, elderberry
  • shade trees/ornamentals – maple, birch, hawthorn, crabapple, ninebark, cherry
  • evergreens (4ft & smaller potted; 5ft and taller ball & burlap in wire baskets) – fir, spruce, pine, cedar, arborvitae

The majority of our trees, fruit and shrubs are winter hardy to Zone 3 or Zone 4. We carry a small selection of Zone 5 plants. We are happy to assist with locating this information on the plant tags while you are shopping for plants in our nursery.

For fruit plants, shrub and tree availability, please use our Contact Form on our website or leave a message on our voice mail.


Each season, we add new perennials to our growing inventory of perennials to be able to offer a great selection of unique and interesting plants, including natives, for you to beautify your landscape and enjoy season after season. We grow the popular ones too of course – hostas, daylilies, iris, sedum, echinacea, rudbeckia, tall and creeping phlox, lupine, columbine, heuchera, bleeding hearts, bee balm, dianthus, baptisia, hibiscus, sempervivum and many others! Check out our vast assortment of Proven Winners perennials too. Proven Winners perennials are known for spectacular performance in the landscape and for bringing amazing color and interest to your gardens all season long!