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2019 Availability

Last Update: April 4, 2019

We offer 3-1 and 3-2 bareroot seedlings and transplants from our nursery beds. For more information, please fill out the form below.

PLEASE NOTE: Bareroot seedlings and transplants must be planted within 24-48 hours of being removed from the dirt. For customers who have placed an order, please expect to pick up your seedlings or transplants the same day or the day after they are removed from the ground.

Border Plantings and Privacy Screens: We highly recommend our 3-2 Norway Spruce transplants (current availability posted below).These transplants for the 2019 season are measuring well over the industry standard of 14-18 inches. Most transplants are 22" and taller at this time.


What does 'bareroot' mean?

Bareroot tree seedlings and transplants are field-grown. They are removed from the dirt while they are dormant, which in central Maine is typically mid-April. The excess dirt is removed from the roots. We then place a packaging wrap around the roots and bundle them for transport.

When do I plant my bareroot seedlings and transplants?

Your bareroot tree seedlings and transplants should be planted within 24-48 hours of being removed from the dirt.

Bareroot Stock

Price includes customer pickup at our Norridgewock farm, located at 111 Smithfield Rd.

3-1 Transplants (12-16 inches)

1-99 trees - $3.50/tree

100-500 trees - $2.50/tree

  • Balsam Fir SOLD OUT
  • Eastern White Pine 1000
  • Norway Spruce 500

3-2 Transplants (14-18 inches) trees have largest root mass and small branching

1-99 trees - $4.50/tree

100-500 trees - $3.00/tree

  • Balsam Fir SOLD OUT
  • Eastern White Pine 225
  • Norway Spruce 690 actual height is 22 inches and taller
  • American White Cedar 115
Potted Balsam Fir                                                                                 

1 gallon pots (16-22 inches) $9.99 per tree - 100

2 gallon pots (20-28 inches) medium density $19.99 per tree - 25

5 gallon pots (28-36 inches) medium density $29.99 per tree - 25

10 gallon pots (36-42 inches) full density $49.99 per tree - 50

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