Trees and Plants

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Shade & Ornamental Trees

Maple: Silver 6ft-7ft

Birch: Clump (multi-stemmed trunk) Birch ‘Whitespire’ 10ft-11ft

Hydrangea Trees: Phantom, Pink Diamond, Sweet Summer 4ft-5ft

Fruit Trees

Apples: Cortland, Delicious Golden, Frostbite, Haralred, Honeycrisp, Liberty, Macoun, McIntosh, Red Baron, Red Prairie Spy, SnowSweet, Wealthy, Zestar (all apples 6ft-8ft tall)

Cherries: Evans Bali 4ft-5ft

Crabapples: Chestnut 5ft-6ft

Peaches: Contender 6ft-7ft

Pears: Early Gold, Golden Spice, Summercrisp 7ft-8ft

Plums: Mount Royal, Superior, Toka 6ft-7ft


Fir: Balsam 1ft-7ft

Pine: Eastern White 1ft-7ft

Spruce: Blue 2ft-4ft

Spruce: Norway 1ft-7ft

Spruce: White 1ft-7ft

Arborvitae/Cedar: ‘Dark Green’ 3ft-4ft

Arborvitae/Cedar: ‘Techny’ 3ft-4ft

Fall Season
  • Mums (Orange, Yellow, Red, White, Pink, Purple, Multicolor): 4″ pots, 6″ pots, 8″ pots, 10″ pots, 12″ pots, 10″ and 12″ hanging baskets and 14″ and larger combination planters
  • Pumpkins & Gourds
  • Hay Bales
  • Corn Stalks
  • Ornamental Cabbage, Kale, Millet
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